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"Nick Niemann takes E-Myth into the "super change markets" which dominate every business venture owner's thinking.  You must discover Nick's Business Model Myth Solution to be brought current and remain current in today's markets of super change."

Bernie Dohrmann

Founder and Chairman, CEO Space International, the  world's largest and most successful network for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and visionary investors, with over 70,000 members in 144 countries.  Ranked by Forbes Magazine as the #1 "Can't Miss" Program for Entrepreneurs in the country.

Greg Reid

Founder & CEO of Secret Knock.  Ranked by Forbes Magazine as the #2 "Can't Miss" Program for Entrepreneurs in the country.

"Nick, thank you for sharing your wisdom at our Secret Knock.  Your energy, knowledge and insights were simply amazing."

"Nick your profit strategies and creative approach for business growth and success is a tremendous benefit offered to business leaders."

Ron Klein

Inventor of the Credit Card Magnetic Strip and the Bond Quotation System for the New York Stock Exchange

Boyd Ober

President & CEO

Leadership Resources

"Nick's approach is impactful, thought provoking, and critical to building a business platform that will stand the test of time."

"It's important that I say THANK YOU because these are tools everyone needs.  They are easy to use, understand and powerful.  They are great for the CEO of the billion dollar company, as well as the small entrepreneur.  I know the work that goes into mastering something - and you are a master."

Cathy Fitzhenry


Vistage International


G. Michael Beduze

Managing Partner

DaVinci Global Consulting, LLC

"Nick Niemann is an energetic and impactful speaker who has a riveting way of conveying fresh, powerful business concepts which are critical today for every business and profession; from the smallest firms to global giants." 

"Nick, you have done a great job in addressing one of the most important issues in business today.  Congratulations!  Keep up the good work!"

Brian Tracy

Author of The Way to Wealth.

Top selling author of over 65 books and legendary speaker who has addressed over 5,000,000 people in over 65 countries.

James Malinchak

Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show

"Secret Millionaire".  Founder,, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the College Soul.

"If you're ready to build your business so it will stand the test of time, then use the strategies by my friend, Nick Niemann!"

"Nick Niemann's inspring approach to addressing the transformative forces which are shaping our future is a roadmap for game changers!"

Barbara Niven

Hollywood's Top Business

Media Expert

John Formica

Former Disney Leader, America's Customer Experience Coach, Author of

Making the Customer Experience Magical Now!

"Nick Niemann does a masterful job of teaching us step by step now to build an organizational model that is able to survive and thrive in this competitive world today!"

"For every business leader looking for the next 'slight edge', Nick Niemann's Business Model Myth program overdelivers."

Joe Theismann

NFL World Champion Quarterback

NFL Football TV Commentator, Business Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker - Featured in the Hit Movie, "The Blind Side"

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