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Who Is Finding Top Value In Nick's Presentations

Startup Companies - By overcoming the fact that less than 50% of startups survive for 5 years.


Business Owners - By seeing that Business Model strategic thinking builds leadership skills and teamwork, as well as a mindshift that enhances the long term success of the company or firm.


Boards of Directors and Trustees - By meeting their fiduciary responsibility to see to the short-term, mid-term and long-term success of their organizations.












CEOs and Presidents - By better leading the organization by knowing how to preserve it, grow it and re-create it.


Key Executives - By learning to explore new Business Models and building team directions for their organizations.


Strategic Planning / Thinking Teams - By expanding beyond merely tactical and operational changes to a full understanding of how to set new, truly strategic direction.


Investors - By helping overcome the fact that three quarters of venture-backed firms in the U.S. don't return investors' capital.


Lenders - By helping secure better results by understanding the borrower's Business Model and Culture.


Strategic Planning Advisors - By seeing that true strategic planning is the decision of which Business Model to use, not the tactical actions to operate it.













Industry and Professional Associations - By recognizing how Business Model, Leadership and Culture interact to enhance the short and long term success of their members.


Business Buyers and Seller - Who are finding the best way to achieve success in acquisitions is to think in terms of their Business Models.


Entrepreneurs - By finding new and unsatisfied customer opportunities with better Business Models to create, capture and deliver unique value.


Outside CPAs - By learning that a sharp understanding of a client's Business Model is critical to every assurance / audit, tax and consulting engagement.


Financial Advisors - By seeing that Business Model design and innovation is key to selecting investment portfolio alternatives.


Business Appraisers - Who are finding a deeper dive into the Business Model of the company and its supposed comparables is critical to better valuation insights and accuracy.


Estate Planning Advisors - By seeing how a client's Business Model is critical to Succession Planning advice.













Business Coaches - By bringing not just tactical and operating  insights, but also true strategic (Business Model) thinking to their business clients.

Executive Peer Group Organizations - By using Business Model design to help their members outperform.


Franchisors and Franchisees - By creating continuous design and improvements to their franchise formulas.


Succession and Exit Planning Advisors - Who are learning the perfect Succession Plan or Exit Plan is worthless if the company's Business Model fails.


Economic Developers - Who are seeing that Business Model focus is key to community growth, site selection and business climate.


IQ Psycholgists - By seeing the relationship of organizational Culture, Business Model and Leadership.


Corporate Attorneys - By seeing that correct legal advice depends on a solid understanding of how and why a client's Business Model actually works.



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