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Nick works with CEOs in the following ways:


  • CEO Quick Start Briefing - A 2 Hour, One-On-One Briefing to introduce the Business Model Profit Strategy Advantage to the CEO.

  • Executive Team Briefing - A 4 Hour Briefing to teach the fundamentals of the Business Model Profit Strategy Advantage to the CEO and Executive Team.



Nick works with the Strategic Planning Teams of organizations in the following ways:


  • Profit Strategy Program - A 1 Day Strategy Session to teach how to be in command of your Business Model using the Business Model Profit Strategy Advantage. 

  • Profit Strategy Boot Camp - A 2 Day Boot Camp to teach how to be in command of your Business Model using the Business Model Profit Strategy Advantage and Business Design Program.


  • Coaching Calls - A 6 Month Coaching Call program for the CEO or Strategic Planning Team after each of the above programs.



Nick works with Program and Event Coordinators to offer several Keynote and Breakout programs:


For CEO, Business Leaders and Industry Conferences:

  • Business Model Command:  The "Most Overlooked Secret" For Increasing Sales & Profitability For Any Organization

  • The "Root Force" Culture:  The Magnet For Attracting and Keeping Successful Leaders

  • Purpose Driven Now:  Peak Performance Entrepreneurship Which Matters

  • The "Business Model Revolution":  The 3 Critical Steps You Must Take To Profit From It.

  • The Powerful Business Model Canvas:  Putting This Profit Driver To Work For You

  • A Profitable Brand Strategy?:  Only If It Aligns With These 3 Business Model Tests

  • Profit Advantage:  The 5 Key Steps To A Great Value Proposition.

  • "9 Block It":  The Simple Strategy For Making Profitable Decisions Every Time

  • Take Down:  Avoiding Business Downfalls Before Its Yours

  • Still Profitable Tomorrow?:  Not Without Answering These 7 Questions 

For Financial Planner, Investment Advisor and Fiduciary Conferences:

  • Winners and Losers:  The 9 Step Business Model Profit Protocol For Predicting A Company's Future 

For M & A and Exit Planning Conferences:

  • The Perfect Exit Plan or Merger":  Only If Your Clients Are In Command Of These 3 Features Of Their Business Model 

For Startup Business Conferences:

  • Profitable  Startups:  The 3 Critical Questions You Must Answer First

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