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Dear CEO,


Cathy Fitzhenry, a former CEO of an international company and presently the Chair of the Vistage  International Omaha CEO Boards, had this to say about our Business Model Profit Strategy Program:  "It's important that I say THANK YOU because these are tools everyone needs.  They are easy to use, understand and powerful.  They are great for the CEO of the billion dollar company as well as the small entrepreneur.  I know the work that goes into mastering something - and you are a master!"


As I've traveled speaking to thousands of business leaders from around the world, I've seen firsthand how many companies are simply stuck in perishable Business Models, unable to recognize or to make the changes needed to overcome the "perfect storm" of change threatening all organizations today.


Business leaders throughout the world are finding that if they have command of their organization at the Business Model level they are achieving outrageous success.  Those who don't are quickly disappearing, becoming irrelevant or being left behind.


My work with over 50 CEO Boards of Vistage International (the world's leading CEO peer group organization) and my work as a co-creator of the internationally acclaimed Business Model Generation program has led to the development of our Business Model Myth Profit Strategy Program.  This program addresses the 3 ingredients to longlasting business success.


I offer this program to individual companies in two ways:


     1.     The CEO Quick Start Briefing (described on the Programs page of this website).

     2.     The Strategic Team Boot Camp (described on  the Programs  page of this website).


The CEO Quick Start Briefing is an intensive 1-on-1 briefing.  This is the essential program I've taught to hundreds of CEOs across the U.S. and Canada.

This briefing has been designed to quickly, easily and economically bring access to my decades of business development strategies to those looking to lead their organizations (and the families who count on them) to even higher levels of profitable, successful results.


I invite you to contact me to discuss this important program for you and your company.



Nick Niemann

"America's Business Model Profit Strategist"

Founder, Business Model Myth Institute



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