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7 Reasons Event Coordinators Love Booking Nick

1.  A timely strong message which resonates with attendees:  The speed and the force with which Business Models for companies, associations, NGOs and governments are changing and being created (or dying) is unprecedented.  Nick provides the path and the tools which every leader needs for achieving outrageous success today and into the future.


2.  Extremely high value to participants:  Nick's proven strategies and take away tools provide participants with a lasting, transforming impact on their mindset and on their organizations which they can put into practice immediately.


3.  A leading international authority on Business Model design and innovation:  Nick has shared the Business Model Myth Solution with leaders from over 40 countries.  He is also a co-creator of the international bestselling book, Business Model Generation (which introduced the world to the Business Model Canvas), as well as Business Model You (the one page method for re-inventing your career).  He has recently published his latest book, The Business Model Myth Solution.


4.  Extremely experienced and efffective speaker:  Nick has served as a Vistage National Resource Speaker and as a member of the National Speakers Association.  He understands how to present a clear message adn to motivate the audience to take action.  He has been presenting to business, professional, NGO and goverment groups for over 35 years.


5.  Real World practical experience:  Nick brings to your event over 35 years of experience advising, working with and coaching business, professional, NGO and government leaders.


6.  Easy to work with:  Nick will be the easiest speaker you have ever worked with.


7.  100 Free Books




FREE Books When You Schedule Nick Niemann For Your Next Event!

(A $2,495 Value!)

Nick Niemann accepts a limited number of bookings each year to speak at business, industry and professional conferences on Business Model Profit, Design and Strategy.


To book Nick to present at your next Business, Industry or Professional conference, call 402-301-3373 or email him using the following:

Dear Conference Planner or Event Coordinator,


The speed and the force with which business models are changing and being created (or dying) is unprecedented.  We are in the midst of a rapidly accelerating "perfect storm."  This is affecting all organizations today and is creating temendous opportunities for those who know precisely how to react.


My name is Nick Niemann, I am the founder of The Business Model Myth Institute.  As a co-creator of the international bestseller, Business Model Generation, and the author of The Business Model Myth Solution, I have been speaking with business and community leaders from around  the world about the  formula needed today to fuel and  achieve

lasting  success for  organizations  and  the  families  and  communities

which depend on them.


I invite you to share this important discussion with your members at your

next conference or association event.


I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you to discuss exactly how

and why.



Nick Niemann

"America's Business Model Profit Strategist"

Founder, The Business Model Myth Institute

Conference And Event Planners Are Saying:


"Nick Niemann has been great to work with and is a wonderful speaker.  Our business owner members from over 40 countries loved his program at our international conference held in New York City."

                                                - Reka Lenart, ALTO Event Coordinator


"Nick Niemann presented his Business Model program for us three times in Toronto, Canada, to over 100 business, chamber of commerce and university leaders.  Nick takes a somewhat complicated topic and presents it in a fashion that is easily understood and practical.  He did a great job for us and his ratings by the audiences proved it.  I'm looking forward to working with him again."

- Ed Scheck, CPA, Event sponsor


"Nick Niemann helped lead off our national RETSO conference in Atlanta.  His Business Model keynote to over 450 real estate executives received rave reviews.  Nick is a great speaker and very easy to work with."

- Brad Nix, Founder and

Event Coordinator for RETSO


"Nick Niemann received excellent reviews for his presentation at the 2012 M Financial National Marketing Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ.  Nick's ability to grasp our audience's heightened level of expertise and his attention to detail resulted in a high energy and impactful session.  Nick's prompt response to every request made him a pleasure to work with."

- W. Luther Pierce, IV, CLU, 2012 Program

Development Committee, M Financial Group


"As contracted program manager for the Great Plains regional conference, I have enjoyed working with Nick Niemann for more than 12 years.  He consistently receives great review for his presentations, and his detailed materials are greatly appreciated by the participants.  It is always a pleasure to have him back."

- Cindy Lilleoien, Event Coordinator


"Nick Niemann's Business Model program was a huge hit at our national conference in Denver.  Nick is very easy to work with.  The attendees were unanimous in giving Nick high praise (and evaluations!)  We have recieved many request to have him return and speak next year and we've already asked him to do so."

- John H. Brown, CEO Business Enterprise Institute


"The 300+ insurance and financial professionals attending our Leaders Forum came to "learn from the best".  And that's exactly what they did.  Nick Niemann was the perfect speaker for us.  Very engaging, dynamic, professional and extremely easy to work with."

- Nancy Howard, NAIFA - Nebraska  Conference Planner

Success! Message received.

To Check Availability:

(402) 301-3373

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