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the changes needed to overcome the "perfect storm" of change threatening all organizations today.  Building on his work with the Business Model Generation movement, Nick's newest book, The Business Model Myth Solution, identifies the 7 root forces behind the culture and leadership mindshift which all organizations need to unleash to create lasting business model success today.  Having already shared the formula in The Business Model Myth Solution with business, professional, NGO and government leaders from over 40 countries, Nick continues to bring his decades of business development insights to those looking to lead their organizations (and the families who count on them) to even higher levels of enduring success.

The Business Model Generation

Nick Niemann is one of the co-creators of the international bestseller, Busines  Model  Generation.

When you have booked Nick Niemann to speak,
your group is entitled to discounted prices
on his Business Model Myth Book:


Added Value for Your Audience!

Crafted through a collaboration of 470 strategic thinkers from 45 countries, and with over 5,000,000 copies sold in 30 languages, this handbook for visionaries, game changers and challengers introduced the world to the Business Model  Canvas  and  to  a   worldwide  movement  to  those  ready   to  abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new, innovative models for creating value.  The Business Model  Canvas  is  a powerful

and practical innovation tool being used by over 5,000,000 entrepreneurs throughout the world to describe, design, challenge, invent and pivot their business models.



The Business Model Myth Solution

As Nick has traveled speaking to thousands of business leaders from around the world, he has seen firsthand how many organizations are simply stuck in perishable business models,  unable  to  recognize or  to  make

More Than A Book!

These strategies are being used by:

  • Organizations:

      As their


      for creating




  • Business Leaders:

      As their road map

      for increasing

      sales, profitability

      and business



"This extraordinary book deals with perhaps the most important determinant of sales, profitability and business success and shows you how to get more of all three."

 - Brian Tracy, Author of The Way to Wealth - Top selling author of over 65 books

Legendary speaker who has addressed over 5,000,000 people in over 65 countries

7 Ways to Use Nick's Business Model Myth Book for Your Audience:

  1. REWARD those who have helped your group by giving them a FREE autographed book.

  2. INCREASE ATTENDANCE by advertising that the first "x" number of people attending the event receive a FREE autographed book.

  3. DOOR PRIZES:  Give the books away as door prizes.

  4. BOOK SIGNING:  Advertise that Nick Niemann will be autographing books after the event to increase attendance.

  5. RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR GROUP by selling the books at the event for the full retail price.

  6. INCREASE EVENT VALUE by incorporating the cost of the book for every participant into the registration fee (you've already received 100 for FREE).

  7. SPECIAL AUTOGRAPH SESSION:  Nick will conduct a special autograph session to sign all of the books at no cost! 

Your Special Bulk Discount on

the Business Model Myth Solution

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               50                                    20%

              100                                   25%

              150                                   30%

              200                                   40%

             250+                                 50%

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