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Meet Nick
Nick Niemann
Business Model Profit Strategist
Speaker and Author
Author, The Business Model Myth Solution



Nick's in-depth understanding of Business Model strategy, profit, design and innovation (developed as a co-author of the internationally acclaimed Business Model Generation program) enables him to bring business reality to his work with business owners and executives in various areas of business design, operations and planning.


By understanding the 9 components to every Business Model, he brings unique insights in designing and structuring business start-ups, in helping companies to reinvent them-selves, and in addressing business agreements, joint ventures, business development, company sales, mergers and reorganizations.


Nick has been called on by business, industry and professional associations and organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada to speak to their groups on Business Model strategy, profit, design and innovation.  His newest book, The Business Model Myth Solution, identifies the 7 root forces behind the culture and leadership mindshift which all organizations need to unleash to create lasting Business Model success today.



Nick Niemann began his business career helping his family build, innovate, grow and manage their various business interests in restaurants, supermarkets, real estate, ranching, farming, construction and retail merchandising.


Nick first learned the ins and outs of business at the heels of his grandfather and father.  His grandfather opened his first corner grocery store in 1917.  Upon his death in 1969, he had already laid in a transition and succession plan to transfer his growing supermarket chain to Nick' father and uncle.  They contined to operate and grow this business into a successful regional supermarket clain, operating across a variety of supermarket business models, including full service and discount formats (such as Cub Foods, County Market, Save-A-Lot).


In 1980 Nick married his college sweetheart, Ann Marie Forbes.  They were blessed with their first child in 1981.  They have been married for over 37 years and have 6 children and 16 grandchildren.



When organizations succeed, so do their employees, their families and their community.  This fact has driven Nick to work with community leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to create thousands of jobs and develop industry leading organizations.


When Nebraska was facing economic stagnation in 1986, the business community, governor and legislative leaders looked to Nick to design a new business model platform for the State of Nebraska to grow business throughout our communities. 


Nick designed Nebraska's game changing business growth program which had driven Nebraska to the top of many business climate rankings. 


Basing the program on his understanding of company business models, Nick's innovative programs have helped over 850 businesses to achieve long-term, sustainable growth while creating over 100,000 new jobs and $25 billion new capital investment.

Nick has been named as "The Face of Business Continuity" by Omaha Magazine.



Nick has advised business owners for over a third of a century. 


He is a frequent speaker at national and regional business planning programs for business, industry and professional groups.


He has provided guidance for business owners in many business sectors.  These include Manufacturing, Business Services, Food & Beverage, Construction, Health Care, Agribusiness, Farm & Ranch, Real Estate, Distribution, Trans-portation, Franchise, Security, Consumer Services, Personal Services, Product Development, Technology Licensing, Leasing, Management and Education.


He has also provided guidance for professionals in the fields of CPAs, Financial Planners, Insurance Advisors, Business Consultants, Investment Advisors, Environmental Specialists, Engineers, Attorneys, Architects, Physicians, IT Professionals and Real Estate Developers.

Nick is a graduate of CEO Space International.  He is a John C. Maxwell Certified Leadership Speaker and Coach.


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