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We teach leaders throughout the world how to achieve outrageous success by having command of their organization at the Business Model level.




We teach organization leaders how to look into the future to decide on the future you want and to select and take the actions needed to get there.




Organizations will endure and profitably grow if, only if, they have command of their Business Model.





Question 1:  "What will be the probable, almost certain, future outcome of your present course, if left unchanged?"

Question 2:  "What's missing, the presence of which would make a substantial difference in producing a better outcome for you, your family and your team?" 




Yes.  Our program has been carefully designed to work in sync with your existing strategic planning advisor.




Manufacturing, Business Services, Food & Beverage, Construction, Health Care, Agribusiness, Farm & Ranch, Real Estate, Distribution, Financial Services, Retail, Human Resources, Energy, Transportation, Franchise, Security, Consumer Services, Personal Services, Product Development, Technology Licensing, Leasing, and Education.



"What business are you really in?"





"How do you do this?"






"Why is this effective?"





"What are the 2 critical Business Model questions you teach leaders to answer?"








"Will you work with our regular strategic planning advisor?"





"What kinds of businesses have worked with you?"


CPAs, Financial Planners, Insurance Advisors, Business Consultants, Investment Advisors, Environmental Specialists, Engineers, Attorneys, Architects, Physicians, IT Professionals and Real Estate Developers.




I've been working with business owners, CEOs and conference and event planners for over 35 years.




I've seen the impact too often on business leaders, their families, their loyal teams and their communities when their Business Model peaked or failed and they had not made the necessary adjustments in time.




I am a co-creator of the internationally acclaimed Business Model Generation program which introduced the world to the Business Model Canvas innovation tool now being used by over 5,000,000 entrepreneurs.  Over 75 business leader groups throughout the U.S. and Canada have booked me in just the past 6 years to teach them the Business Model Profit Advantage.  The Omaha CEO Boards of Vistage International (the world's leading CEO organization) have named me to their Trusted Advisor Board.  The hundreds of CEOs I've coached with Vistage International have given me a 98% recommendation rating.  The Buiness Model I designed for Nebraska's Economic Development has resulted in over 850 business expansions, 100,000 new jobs adn $25 billion in capital investment in over 50 buiness sectors.

I am a graduate of CEO Space International.  I am a John C. Maxwell Certified Leadership Speaker and Coach.  I have been named as "The Face of Business Continuity" by Omaha Magazine.


"What kinds of professional firms have worked with you?"






"Have you done a lot of this?"





"Why do you do this?"







"Do you have a respected business background?"

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